What Is Casino War

Casino War is actually one of the best and easiest games that you will ever find in a casino. You should actually check out the game the next time you are in a casino. You should also play it when you know how to work it and which bets will give you the best odds. Casino war has proven to be fun and simple, and it is also a great game if you are playing it on the internet from the comfort of your home. You can play at casinos and on the internet for free and for real money as well. The rules and strategies will have some winning tips that I have explained in the article.

Well, casino war is not exactly the smartest game that you can play in a casino, but the simplicity and the resemblance to some other popular card games are actually what usually convinces all kinds of people to sit at the table to play a game or even two. If you happen to be an individual who does not know what casino war is or if you want to find out how to win, you have certainly come to the right place.


Casino War would be the easiest card game that you can find in a casino. There are six decks of cards that are used, and the dealer deals one card face up to all of the players in the game and also to themselves. Once these cards have been dealt, you have these three scenarios that I am going to list out:

  • Your card would be higher than the dealer’s one, and you win.
  • Your card has turned out to be lower than the dealer’s one, and you lose.
  • Your card matches the dealer’s card, and there is a tie, and that would be where the fun begins. When the tie happens, you can either choose to surrender, or you can go to war which is actually the point of the game, and it is where you would start having the fun.
  • The first option has been known to allow you to exit the game and this would cost you half of your original bet.
  • If you declare war, it will offer you the chance to stay in the play, and as long as you can bet the amount to the original, it would be the wager.
  • Once you decide to go to war and then when you place your bet the dealer would burn the three cards and then they would deal one card to you and all of the players who have actually decided to go to war.
What Is Casino War
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