5 Helpful Tips to Playing Slot Machines

If you are interested in casino gaming, then you must have heard of slots before. For a lot of people at casinos, slots maybe their favourite way to gambling. Many people consider slot machines the most fun and interesting way to play at casinos. For people that hate counting cards or math, slots provide an easy way to gamble money by looking at fun icons. Using very loud sounds to signal payouts, casinos design slots to keep people coming back. Slots can be very fun, but can also be very dangerous at the same time. Follow these 5 simple tips to ensure you have the most fun and lose the least amount of money at the next slot machine you sit down at.

1. Choose Slot Machines with High Price per Spin

Although this tip may seem counterintuitive, higher stakes slot machines payout more often and in bigger denominations. The higher you bet, the more likely you will receive a payout. This is how the slot machines are designed, but you are more likely to win the more money you spin. The percentage of payouts is directly proportional to the size of your bet, so gambling with large amounts of money per spin gives you the best chance of winning. Bet the maximum or close to the maximum, because then you will unlock all lines in the slot machine. The more lines you activate, the better chance you have of winning. Also, betting the maximum can help you unlock special features such as free spins or a jackpot. Make sure to bet as much as you can to increase your chance of a payout and so you do not miss out on any exclusive settings.

2. Choose the Least Complicated Slot Machines

Usually, in casinos, people are drawn to exotic looking slot machines. These are usually the most complicated slot machines. Try and look for simple and easy slot machine games, as they pay out the highest. Use this general rule of thumb in casinos: If the game is more complicated, it has less payout. In the complicated slot games, casinos try and gain your attention with special multipliers, bonuses or extra lives. Although you may enjoy these special features, they only complicate the game and worsen your odds of winning. The next time you walk into a casino, ditch those crazy slots for the original ones, which are normalized and give you the best odds to win money.

3. Test the Machines Before you Play

Before you spend money playing a slot machine, make sure to test the machine first. Most casinos offer free spins on many of their slot machines, which means you can spin for free to see what you theoretically could have won. So, when you sit down at a machine, use five to ten free spins before you even consider putting in real money. This also helps you figure out the slot game, making it easier to develop a plan of action for when money is really on the line. If your slot machine is winning you a lot off of your free spins, continue to play with real money and see if your luck continues! If the slot is not winning you any money, get up and move to the next one! Make sure you test the machines before you use them; it gives you a feel for the game you are playing and how likely it is that you will earn a payout.

4. Use Cash Instead of Card

One trick casinos can pull on their customers is they can help you part ways with your money. This is why casinos use chips instead of cash. Chips do not seem like actual currency to the human brain. This causes the player to be able to lose lots of money through chips. Cash, on the other hand, holds a value in the player’s head. If he keeps betting with cash, he will be able to keep track of how much money he has lost. When the player loses more than they want to, they can get up and walk away from the table. At the slot machines, the player’s debit/credit card can act like chips. For this reason, it is better to only pay with spins in cash, so you can keep track of how much money you have spent. If the player’s spin with money on their card, they could lose track of how much money they are spending and wake up the next morning with huge charges. Another tip is to only bring a certain amount of cash into the casino. Never bring your debit or credit card in, as it will only encourage you to spend more money. Bring cash and when you lose it, leave.

5. Know When to Leave the Casino

Slot machines in casinos are meant to be addicting. The purpose of these machines is to keep you coming back to spin them, effectively giving more and more of your money to the casino. The best quality a player can have in a casino is self-restraint. Knowing when to exit the casino can save you a lot of money. For this reason, you should only walk into the casino with a set amount of cash. This amount of cash can be up to you, but do not make it your entire savings account. If you win money playing the slots, be sure not to lose all of that money back to the casino. Leave with your money and make a profit and come back another day to play. If you lose all your money, you may be tempted to take more out and play. Do not do this. Leave and come back another day, as today was not your lucky day.

Using these five tactics, you can have a great time playing slots without losing too much money.  If you are looking to take these tips online then read our article on finding the best place to play slots. Follow these steps and you could have great success at a slot machine the next time you sit down at one! But remember, always gamble with responsibility and pay your bills first!

5 Helpful Tips to Playing Slot Machines
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