Our Favorite Online Casinos for Slots

Keep in mind, that there were a lot of sites to choose from. We did have to narrow down our selection to the top six. Some of the factors that went into the ranking are below.

  1. You can do everything from signing up and withdrawing NZD to depositing.
  2. We wanted to make sure that every site had everything from pokies (slots) to blackjack and roulette for players to pick from.

Also, check out our article that gives you tips on what to look out for when choosing an online casino for slots.

The Top Six Sites In New Zealand For Players To Play Slots (Pokies)

Jackpot City

There are many reasons why this site makes number one. Players can get up to 1800 NZ dollars when they sign up. The win rate is almost 98%. The payout is usually within the next two days, sometimes sooner. That all depends on your bank institute and the method you select. There is currently an NZD 5 million Mega Moolah jackpot. Players can select from more than 600 games, including slot machines. Players also get live dealer game selection. Payment methods allowed include Visa, Skrill, Mastercard, and Neteller. You can go to the site to find an official payment method listing.

The Spin Casino

Players can get up to NZD 2,000 signing bonus. The payout rate is a little bit below Jackpot City, but it still is more than 97% (97.59% to be exact). Players can also expect the payout to be within the next two days after the request. Players can find support through chat, phone, and email (much like Jackpot City). The site pays at least $5 million regularly. The one clear difference between Spin Casino and Jackpot is the number of games. The jackpot Casino offers about 630 games or more. Spin Casino offers more than 700 games worldwide. The site offers payment methods including Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and Mastercard.

Europa Casino

This one might not be easily recognizable to those who live outside of New Zealand. There is an NZD 24000 signing bonus, which more than 150 players have claimed within the last few weeks. The winning rate is about 98% which is a little below the first two. Payment is usually available within two days of requesting it. Players are going to get 24/7 customer support which is something that sets this one apart from the others. Players can get flash games without having to download anything. The deposits will also come with a bonus of their own. You also get more than 1,000 games to choose from. You might think that with all of this, this slot site would be number one. The reason that it is not is due to name recognition. Players will recognize sites like Jackpot City and Spin Casino over this one. We feel that is the only reason why this option makes it to number three. Had this site had more brand recognition, it might be number one or two.

Leo Vegas

This one also does not have as much brand recognition, but it still makes it to number four. New Zealanders can get up to a 2500 signing bonus. The payout day is about 3 days. The rate for winning is a little less than 98%. This one has been verified through the gaming commission In New Zealand. The only reason we mention that is due to the lack of brand recognition. The brand is growing in popularity, but it does not have the same calling as the first two.

Magic Red

This slot site needs to gain more traction in the slot universe (which is why it makes it number five). The bonus is about 500 NZD. The payout range is between 1-3 days (sometimes longer). The winning rate is above 97%. Payment methods are pretty much the same as the last ones mentioned. You may want to check the options before making arrangements. That way you can make adjustments if needed.

Ruby Fortune

The signup bonus is about 750 NZD. You can also expect to find a payout range of 1-3 days. Players can also enjoy a 97% winning ratio. Now this game might need to play “catch up” in terms of brand recognition, but it is gaining speed. Check back with us in a few years. This site might just make it to number one or two. It already has a strong fan base. Otherwise, it would not be on this list.

Some Online Casino Tips For Playing Slots and More

1) The site you choose (much like the above sites) should have an extensive selection of slots and other games. Players should have room to breathe and choose the right slot game for them.

2) Every site listed should have a “play for free” option for at least some of the games, Players should want to get their feet wet before playing with real money. Slots do come with this option. Make sure your slot choice has it as well. That way you can get a feel for the game before playing for real. The site should also have rules concerning how long you can play for free before transferring to real money. Make sure you are aware of the rules before applying.

3) Please be clear on our budget before you begin. Some players choose to “wing it”. That is not a very good strategy (especially if you have a very limited budget). Plan your budget for the duration of your gaming. That means if you only play for two hours, your budget needs to stretch that long. Start pulling the plug once you notice you are going overboard.

One Final Note

Slot machine gambling is the same as any other activity in life. If you are not careful, it has the potential to become a fixation (or even an addiction). Before you play the slot machines, we ask that you keep your habits in mind. If you see that things are getting out of hand, you should leave the area immediately. The following is merely food for thought.

Our Favorite Online Casinos for Slots
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