Ancient Themed Slot Games

At the end of a long work day or on a boring Saturday afternoon a lot of people in the world enjoy playing a casino game. Slots are the most common modern casino game. The fun of risking a few dollars can give a brain a much needed rush of happy endorphins. There are so many types of casino games. The designers are constantly coming up with new designs and themes for casino games. One of the most common themes is the Ancient theme. There is something mysterious about Egypt and the haunted pharaohs that have been laid to rest in large pyramids.


The number made popular by the release of the Spartan themed movie in 2007 sparked an interest in Spartans and war that consumed the world. Including the gambling world. The number has a basis in Spartan war and beautiful shields. The game is filled with loud music and Spartan themed symbols. Along with Spartan shields and arrows the game also utilizes 9, 10, Jack, King and Queen. And of course there are large sword symbols. Along with beautiful symbols and loud music you can also enjoy the bonuses. Getting enough scatter shields springs the bonus rounds. These bonus rounds are free play and give you the opportunity to win even more but not lose anything. Between the beautiful graphics and Spartan themed play you will not be dissapointed with this Ancient themed slot game.

Age of Caesar

From modern age people to Shakespeare there is an interest in King Caesar. This Boongo game adds a new and fresh view to this Ancient theme of Caesar. It interestingly utilizes a five by three reel that is filled with playing cards and multiple Roman characters. From Caesar to Roman warriors. The loud music and the strong graphics will help rope a gambler in and keep them gambling all afternoon. Although it is an exciting game the game play is for lower level gamblers. With the lowest gambling bet thirty cents it doesn’t leave much room for winning the big bucks. But overall it is a super enjoyable game for an ancient themed slot machine.

Age of Gods

Age of Gods started as a single slot game. It took off and everyone loved it. So there have been multiple spin offs of this game. A few of the off shoots of the Age of Gods slot game includes Fate Sisters, Rulers of Olympus, Apollo Power, Epic Troy, Furious 4 and Goddess of Wisdom. This entire series runs off of an Ancient Greek Mythology theme. The major draw to this game is the incredible bonus rounds. The bonus game is basically a brand new slot game with different Greek gods and goddesses earning you a different amount of wins. But the big risk is that if you accidentally get Hades on one of your bonus spins then you lose it all! This super risky gamble in the bonus rounds creates the rush of risk that most people who are gambling are looking for.

Arising Phoenix

The Phoenix is an exciting part of Greek Mythology. The bird Phoenix is such a beautiful and majestic bird that so many Greek philosophers wrote about it making it highly famous. This game is a five reel game that features flaming birds and beautiful women with fiery hair. Along with that there are beautiful graphics of rubys and gold just adding to the phoenix theme. The game play is exciting as well with a drastic wild feature. If you get four matching phoenix then the bonus game keeps going just adding to your win. The bets can be large as well with anywhere from 10 to 40 line spins available. If you love ancient slot games and want to win big then the Arising Phoenix is for you.

Aura of Jupiter Crazy Chicken Shooter

If you are looking for a healthy mix of serious ancient themed slot games and fun then this is the game for you. Although the initial game seems like a serious ancient theme with dark colors and dreary music you will be surprised to find the chicken shooter in the bonus rounds. They add a sparky fun piece to the entire game. Not only that but the chicken shooter game brings the jackpot round. Here a player can win plenty with the twelve free spins and the 2 to 50 times multiplier. This game is one of the most popular to date released in the ancient games themed slots. The side game was an add on and has proved to be very successful. So if you are looking for a fun and serious ancient themed slot then this is the game for you.


Everyone that is interested in ancient themes loves gladiators. Their serious nature and daily brushes with death brings in the most quiet of people. This game brings those serious situations and brushes with death to life. It has amazing graphics and the game play is exciting. This game has the highest rate of winning so it is a perfect option for your perfect day of gambling.


At the end of a long work week relax and enjoy some of these ancient themed slot games. The gorgeous graphics and exciting game play will keep you coming back for more. There are so many options of ancient themed slot games you can’t go wrong. There are so many options from a gladiator game all the way to an ancient Gods themed game. Check out these popular games next time you need a night out on the town.

Ancient Themed Slot Games
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